Meet Movember Hero Xander Riekert

We have a lot of Mo heroes in our office this Movember, each with their own story, but as promised we want to introduce you to Xander Riekert and tell you a bit about his commitment to the cause.

You could say it was with great trepidation that Xander walked across the road to Maloney’s Barber last week to make one of the biggest changes to his appearance in years - shaving off his beard. Pictured below being escorted, supported (comforted even?) by one of 4Sight’s Directors, Mike Lindgreen, another avid supporter of Movember and Mo hero, it was no easy feat for him to say goodbye to that beard of his.


Once at the barber, it all became very real for Xander but hey, all in the name of the cause right? And we thought rather than explain the entire process to you, we would let you watch it for yourselves - check it out:

As the title of video suggests, this is commitment to the cause and Xander, like the rest of us here at 4Sight, are committed to generating awareness for men’s health this month - we’re walking the talk.

If you’d like to join us in supporting Movember, check out our Movember page for more information and to see how you can donate to the cause, every little bit counts!