New Beginnings 4Sight Acquires Burton Planning Consultants

When we first opened our doors in 2001, we had no idea we would be where we are today - growing at 24% for the last 4 years, our teams expanding, our areas of expertise increasing and our team constantly reaching new levels of excellence. But when we take a step backwards to reflect upon the last 17 years, we often ask ourselves how did we get here?

It’s no secret we strongly believe in our land, water and people, and when we take care of our land and water, our people thrive. But we’d like to take a moment to focus on our people. A team of 65 passionate individuals, who are constantly striving to achieve balanced outcomes for our clients and the environment, and without whom, we don’t think we’d be where we are or who we are today.

So, when the opportunity presented itself earlier this year to partner with more likeminded people, whose expertise and values were in line with our own, we leapt at the chance. And it’s with great pleasure that we announce a new stage in our business development with the acquisition of Burton Planning Consultants who will be officially joining the 4Sight team at the start of October 2018.

A close-knit team, whose director’s Karen Blair and David Le Marquand have worked together since 1995, they too specialise in planning and resource consent management and have over 30 years’ experience in the industry. But looking to expand the business and provide their staff with greater opportunities, without investing in the resources that such growth necessitates, they were at a crossroads as to where to next. And after evaluating their options, the one that resulted in the best outcome for them, their clients and their staff, was this one. Because as Dave and Karen have emphasised throughout this entire process, irrespective of how they feel or what they think, what really matters is the level and quality of service provided to their clients and the happiness and satisfaction of their staff.

A measured decision for both parties, they respected us, who we are, our work ethic and our views on sustainability. We respected their expertise, vast experience, how they dealt with their clients and most importantly, the fact that we were on the same page.

It’s a new beginning for Burton Planning Consultants who have told us they feel rejuvenated by the acquisition. And it may be a new beginning for them, but we are looking back, back to their huge amount of knowledge and experience and how invaluable this will be to our team. And with their extensive experience in the oil, gas and energy sectors, we are particularly excited by the prospect of possibly achieving a long-term goal of ours to become a key player in New Zealand’s sustainable energy evolution.

Next steps for us here at 4Sight – keep searching for the best people, because it’s the people that make us what we are and will ultimately make us the best in our industry. And who knows, maybe one day we will be able to solve not just New Zealand’s environmental issues, but the world’s from right here in New Zealand.