Resource management system – Just another review or is this the one?

We asked Orchid Atimalala our National Planning Manager to share some thoughts on the latest RMA review - check out what she had to say below:

The Resource Management Act (RMA) Stage 2 review and reforms are technical in nature and seek to re-set the RMA with planning practitioners at the core of the outcomes the Minister seeks. They are NOT all about housing affordability, as some media reports are suggesting.

It is understood that the Stage 2 review and reforms include (but are not limited to):

  • Clarification type amendments; and removal of complexities that have crept into the Act from previous iterations, rescinding a number of previously “helpful” amendments and building on evidence and jurisprudence of King Salmon and Davidson Family Trust cases.

  • Introducing new resource management concepts e.g. strengthening community and ecosystem resilience to climate change and natural hazards leading to restoration of natural environments where bottom lines may have been breached.

  • Spatial planning; building on the existing Urban Growth Agenda. Infrastructure is key to that, hence the “collaborative and integrative” approach with other legislation such as the Land Transport Management Act and the Local Government Act.

  • Setting national directions from a resource management systems point of view, building on current work across freshwater, climate change and urban development (again, not just housing!).

  • Up for consideration will be plan making (including coastal plans), consenting, funding tools, economic instruments, institutions (Ministry for the Environment, Department of Conservation, Environmental Protection Agency, Local Authority’s, Environment Court, Board of Inquiry and Panels), urban tree protection and climate change resilience (mitigation and adaptation), regimes for marine farming, open ocean aquaculture, Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement, aligning with the Climate Change response (Zero-Carbon) Amendment Act (when passed).

The Minister is relying on and will provide oversight of the Panel/Expert Advisory Group as a critical conduit of practitioner expertise for this review. 4Sight’s inputs into this Panel’s work will be important so we’re keeping it in our sights.

Any questions feel free to get in touch with Orchid Atimalala.