COVID-19 Response

thriving together

Our highest priority continues to be the safety and welfare of our people and community.

4Sight are proud to be a fully New Zealand owned and operated business with a strong regionally-based workforce.

With eight regional offices spanning from Dunedin to Northland, we are well placed to operate effectively and meet our clients' needs whilst managing within regional alert levels. 

One of the most important aspects of our business is the relationships we hold with you, our valued clients, and we would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support. We feel this is now more important than ever and encourage you to reach out to us if we can help you.

Now more than ever kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui - be strong, be brave, be steadfast - and above all be kind to each other!
Aaron, Alice, and Michael | 4Sight Directors 



Toitū te marae a Tāne
Toitū te marae a Tangaroa
Toitū te iwi

If we protect and strengthen the realms of the land and water, they will sustain and strengthen the people.

working through each alert level

Please see a summary of how our teams are operating during each alert level below:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Physical access to 4Sight offices​

No restrictions.​

Must operate safely.​

Open to all employees and clients.​

Face coverings mandatory on public transport and flights.​

Alternative ways of working encouraged. Staff able to work from offices.​

Face coverings mandatory where physical distancing is not possible when travelling such as on public transport and on flights.​

Staff required to work from home.​

Only employees who are conducting site works and need to collect equipment etc. are permitted in offices but must follow strict health and safety (HS) procedures.​

Staff required to work from home.​

Employees who are conducting essential site works and need to collect equipment, send samples etc. subject to approval from team manager, and regional / office manager. ​

Site Visits

No restrictions. ​

Physical distancing still encouraged.​

Must operate safely.​


No restrictions on domestic travel.​

In region and site visits in other regions in level 2 permitted with appropriate measures in place.​

Masks must be worn in all public spaces, and on-site where min 2m physical distancing cannot be achieved.​

Regional staff are not able to ‘travel through’ Level 3 regions (AKL) for site work.​

In region site visits permitted as long as you can operate safely with appropriate HS measures in place.​

Out of region travel and site visits limited to “essential” projects only.​

Masks must be worn in all public spaces, and on-site where min 2m physical distancing cannot be achieved.​

Site visits limited to “essential” projects only.​

Detailed information on our requirements when working through each alert level can be provided to our clients, if required. Details on our procedures for cleaning, vehicle cleaning, glove-use, donning and removing masks safely, self-isolation guidance, jobs requiring interaction with others, site induction can also be provided if necessary.



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