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Dewatering Compliance Monitoring

Water quality monitoring and reporting to ensure legal obligations are met and impacts to the environment are minimised

Various Clients
Environmental, Private, Local Government

Environmental, Resource Consents, Asbestos and Contaminated Land

4Sight has provided dewatering compliance monitoring services to clients operating under the Christchurch City Council global stormwater discharge consent and for a number of private clients operating under their own project specific discharge consents.

Discharge consents allow for the discharge of construction phase water to stormwater and specify water quality limits and monitoring requirements.

Acting as the Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs) on various projects, 4Sight worked with contractors to complete the required discharge water quality monitoring and ultimately provided reports to the regional council as evidence of consent compliance.

Our monitoring reports provide clear evidence to the regional council that the district council global consent requirements have been met and provide our client with additional confidence that their legal obligations are met and their impacts to the environment and local watercourses are minimised.

As SQEPs on the project, we are able to provide advice on appropriate water take methodologies and management of dewatering at the planning stages of construction projects and advise on potential upgrades to the treatment chain where discharge water quality needs to be improved.  

In cases where the required discharge quality has been difficult to obtain, we are able to negotiate alternative methods of disposal, such as discharge to sewer (trade waste), vacuum extraction trucks, or discharge directly to land via specially constructed soak-away pits.

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