Greg Ryder

Dr. Greg

With over 25 years of experience, Greg believes that in his line of work, it's all about making good decisions.

Greg joined the 4Sight team in March 2022 as a Technical Director in Ecology and Water Quality. 

Based in our Dunedin office, Greg came across from Ryder Environmental (now part of 4Sight Consulting) and has worked for over twenty-five years as an ecology and water quality consultant, undertaking studies throughout New Zealand. His main areas of expertise include assessing the effects of abstraction, agricultural land use, hydro-electric and wind power schemes, irrigation, gravel extraction, mining, stormwater and various commercial, industrial and municipal sewage discharges on aquatic ecosystems. 

Regional councils and government departments have also engaged Greg to provide technical advice, provide expert advice in environment court hearings, and frequently fulfil the role as an independent commissioner at resource consent and plan change hearings.

Outside of work, Greg loves to spend time at his Otago Peninsula and Lake Hawea properties, growing trees and garden produce and going for bike rides. 

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Areas of Expertise
  • Freshwater and Coastal Investigations 

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Technical Data, Particularly Water Quality Data

  • Resource Consent and AEE Preparation

  • Expert Peer Reviewer

  • Independent Hearings Commissioner

  • Facilitator