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DR. Peter de Ruiter 

Combining academia and his international experience, Peter brings coastal adaptation techniques to protect our shores.  

Peter joined 4Sight in April 2023 as a Coastal Consultant, in the Coastal team based in the Hamilton office.  


Peter is a coastal scientist with a background in physical geography and international research experience in the fields of coastal hydrodynamics, coastal erosion and coastal and estuarine sediment transport. Most recently he has been teaching Coastal Oceanography and Environmental Science (undergraduate) papers at the University of Waikato while he completed his PhD research. Peter has achieved a Master of Science degree in Physical Geography from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Waikato. 


During his PhD research, Peter developed practical experience in 2D numerical modelling with a focus on hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes along coastlines and in estuaries. His academic background in coastal science has provided him with extensive knowledge of coastal and estuarine physical processes including sediment transport, coastal erosion, sea level rise, and coastal adaptation and risk management. 


Peter has over ten years’ experience working in public and private consulting and academia in New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK. Previously Peter has spent several years as a Geotechnical Consultant working on civil engineering projects related to flood risk assessments in the Neatherlands. During his time in the UK, he was involved in the analysis of present and potential future coastal erosion on the North Devon coastline. He has also been involved in the development of coastal processes impact assessments for planned engineering projects in the coastal zone of New Zealand and spent three months on a small island in Indonesia to become a PADI Divemaster. 


He has also been involved in several international marine conservation projects and is an active member of the New Zealand Coastal Society. 


Since Peter was a child, he has felt a strong connection to the coast and the ocean, and he enjoys spending time at the beach with his family. He is also a music producer, focusing mainly on ocean-inspired chill electronic music.   


0204 074 9853  |  
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
Areas of Expertise
  • Coastal Science Investigations 

  • Coastal Hazards Assessments 

  • Estuarine Sediment Transport Modelling 

  • Flood Risk Assessments 

  • Coastal Adaptation and Risk Management  

  • Spatial Analysis and GIS 

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