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Planning pre-purchase
and due

Giving you the foresight you need for confident decision-making .

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Services:    Planning & Policy

4Sight’s Planners have a strong track record in providing a wide range of clients with planning advice that is quick, reliable and easy to understand. Examples of the work we undertake for projects and clients across New Zealand includes:

  • Pre-purchase advice within a quick (24 hour) turnaround;

  • Planning feasibility assessments for a range of projects, including residential additions and alterations, small to large scale residential developments and subdivisions, commercial and industrial developments, infrastructure and parks upgrades; and

  • Identification of development opportunities, constraints and risk factors for a range of projects.

4Sight understands the importance of obtaining quick and reliable planning advice to help the client meet their needs and make informed decisions in today’s tough market. 4Sight’s Planners have the experience to navigate site and district plan complexities and are able to draw upon the knowledge of the wider 4Sight team (including ecology, contaminated land, wastewater, urban and landscape design) to ensure quick turnaround of comprehensive advice for their clients.

Planning & Policy
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