Client:        Eastland Port
Sector:       Private
Services:    Planning & Policy, Coastal, Environmental, Ecology, Resource Consents

4Sight investigated various options for improving breakwater protection and extended vessel berthing/loading facilities. This included:

  • Preparing environmental impact assessments;

  • Engaging stakeholders;

  • Contaminated land management;

  • Working alongside various specialists such as acoustic engineers and archaeologists.

Our role was recently extended, and 4Sight is now responsible for managing Eastland Port's resource consent compliance programme. We are also prepared a Port Environmental Management Plan which covers port and related inland cargo.

Eastland Port recently lodged coastal permit applications for continued maintenance dredging and offshore disposal. As a result, we were required to review the Port of Gisborne's historical dredging and water quality data. The aim of doing so was to assess the port's significance as a settlement area for juvenile crayfish, which some stakeholders see as an important issue. established a company-wide compliance management system – with clearly allocated responsibilities – thanks to 4Sight's ongoing compliance support. 

4Sight has been Eastland Port's trusted planning and environmental consultancy for a number of years and has worked on a number of coastal development projects that straddle the land-coastal marine area interface, particularly in terms of new or extended infrastructure.

The experience we've gained from working on projects involving ports, marinas, walkways and wharves has given us significant insight into the inner-workings of local government, and in particular how to navigate their clients through complex RMA and related environmental matters.

Thanks to our experience working on a wide range of coastal projects, 4Sight's staff members have a deep understanding of the type of consents required and how to obtain them in a short period of time. A significant advantage of working with 4Sight is our ability to combine this knowledge with our own technical expertise in marine ecology, water quality management and contaminated land remediation. 

"4Sight have brought together complex consenting and environmental problems into common sense solutions. They have worked collaboratively with our design engineers Worley Parsons to deliver excellent outcomes for Eastland Port under some tight timeframes, and continue to be involved in helping shape the future of the port."

- Andrew Gaddum, General Manager Eastland Port



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