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Ecogas Reporoa Organics Processing Facility 

Construction and Commissioning Support for the Reporoa Organics Processing Facility.

Auckland Council
Waste Management 

SLR is supporting Auckland Council with a review of the construction and commissioning works for the Ecogas Reporoa Organics Processing Facility that has been developed, located between Taupō and Rotorua. 

The SLR Sustainable Waste Management team based in Sydney have managed the project in collaboration with other technical disciplines to support the establishment of the facility which opened in October 2022.  Technical support was provided by the team based in Tauranga, along with the Acoustics and Vibration team based in Auckland, and the Process Engineering team based in the UK. SLR  provided on-site supervision of the commissioning works, interacted with construction personnel on-site and are currently preparing a construction summary report.  

The facility is New Zealand's first large-scale food waste-to-bioenergy facility, using advanced anaerobic digestion (AD) technology proven overseas, and is an exciting development to support more sustainable waste management. The facility reduces food waste to landfill and converts this waste into renewable energy, biogas and nutrient rich biofertiliser on a large scale. The facility will process food waste from households and businesses in Auckland and has the capacity to process food waste from other council collections.

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