Assessing the ecological impact of your project.

Are you wanting to develop your site and have been told you may need an assessment of its ecological values? Your site may have very obvious ecological features, such as native bush or a natural stream flowing through it. But sometimes the ecological features may not be so obvious. Addressing the ecological impact of your project doesn’t have to prevent you from achieving your desired outcomes. There is however a process to follow to ensure you identify those features and design your project to avoid or minimise any impacts on the local ecosystem and subsequently your wallet.

  • Identify and assess the sites ecological values – Every site is different, so by talking to an ecologist early on in your project planning you can identify what ecological aspects will need to be investigated and what Council expectations will be. It is critical that regulatory assessment criteria are met regarding a sites ecological values.

  • Ensuring stakeholder and council expectations are aligned – The project’s anticipated effects and outcomes need to be closely aligned with Council expectations to ensure the consenting process runs smoothly. Getting an ecologist involved early on will mean that those expectations don’t become a nasty surprise, and any ecological constraints or opportunities can be incorporated into the project design. 

  • Consent requirements are met and managed – Once you have gained your consents, there may be requirements to protect and manage the wildlife or ecological features of your site. It is important to understand these requirements and build them in to your construction timetable to avoid delays or additional costs.

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