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balancing outcomes and the environment

We take a pragmatic approach to protecting the natural environment.

how we can help

Our ecology experts work with you from project conception through to completion to help you avoid, minimise and offset any impacts on the local eco-system. We’ll identify environmental constraints and opportunities, and work with stakeholders, planners, designers and engineers to get a good outcome for both you and the environment.

Here’s how we can help you with ecology related decisions:

  • Ecological assessments, surveys and monitoring - For marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, includes birds, bats and lizards

  • Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) - Assessments of values and key ecological functions of streams

  • Ecological Impact Assessment - With pragmatic advice on mitigation, restoration, and enhancement to address project impacts 

  • Ecological and covenant management plans - To ensure long terms project success

  • Lizard (Herpetofauna) management - Plans, capture, captive management, release and monitoring

  • Watercourse management - Assessments to identify threats to ecosystem health and opportunities for enhancement, plan development to inform investment prioritisation, monitoring to demonstrate benefit

  • Community-based ecological restoration - Design, engagement and facilitation

  • Biosecurity - Management of plant and animal pest incursions

  • Green infrastructure and ecosystem services - Assessments, selection and management

  • State of the Environment - Reporting and investigations to enable effective management decisions and monitoring to assess benefits of initiatives

  • Approved wildlife handlers - Handling, housing and relocating protected species under the Wildlife Act

  • Hearing, Caucusing and Environment Court representation - Ensure your position is best represented by selecting the correct specialists to address the key risk areas

August 2022 marked a significant step in the evolution of 4Sight as we became part of SLR, a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions.  We can now offer our clients an even greater range of specialist technical services, which you can view here.


4Sight by name, 4sight by nature

4Sight staff were well informed and responsive to the project requirements. They provided SMEC New Zealand with a high quality service within the short timeframe available, meeting project and end user requirements

- James Daly, SMEC New Zealand Limited / SMEC International

Ecology projects

Our own in-house ecology team have the unique skills and experience to make your project a success. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the square and do whatever it takes to come up with a solution where everybody wins.

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