Do you comply with your environmental legal requirements?

New Zealand businesses are facing greater risk of financial penalties. The past year has seen stricter enforcement of the Resource Management Act for those businesses who are seen to not comply with environmental legal requirements.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid liability for a pollution incident is to try and prevent one from occurring in the first place. It is important to establish at the beginning of the project or activity whether effective environmental risk management controls are in place.

This thought leadership piece called 'Cleaning Up our Act' introduces a comprehensive insurance product that addresses a range of environmental risks that are often not covered by General Liability, Statutory Liability policies or Property Insurance policies.

Download the white paper, ‘Cleaning Up Our Act’ – Embracing Environmental Risk Management, to learn:

  • Types of Pollution Risks – Category issues to consider in your industry

  • Environmental Risk Management – The 3 pillars designed to reduce your risk

  • Traditional vs Environmental Liability Insurance – The benefits of Environmental Liability Insurance


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