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residential subdivision


Client:        Developer
Sector:       Private
Services:    Planning & Policy, Ecology

4Sight was engaged to provide ecological and planning services to help the client carry out a 16 lot residential subdivision in an ecologically sensitive area. 

4Sight were involved in the project's early development stages right through to its completion. As part of our involvement, we:

  • Assessed the site's ecological values, including the vegetation within and surrounding a SEA, encompassing stream and terrestrial habitats for birds, lizards, and bats;

  • Prepared an Ecological Effect Assessment report;

  • Prepared a Lizard Management Plan (LMP);

  • Implemented the LMP, including lizard rescue prior to the works, housing and re-release following the works;

  • Assisted the client with post consent monitoring; and

  • Prepared a covenant management plan.

4Sight worked with the project's stakeholders to ensure the development would lead to a positive environmental outcome. To achieve this aim, we collaborated with project engineers to incorporate environmental mitigation strategies into the design process. 

It was crucial to keep the site's anticipated effects and outcomes closely aligned with council expectations, so we made sure to keep an open line of communication with the council's project ecologist for the entirety of the project. 

We provided advice on stormwater outfall placement to help minimise any adverse effects on native vegetation within the Significant Ecological Area (SEA), and we remained in constant contact with the client to ensure the project's consenting requirements could be met without delaying the development timetable.  

Thanks to our support, the client was able to successfully carry out a residential subdivision in close proximity to a Significant Ecological Area (SEA). Our input ensured that the subdivision's design provided long-term ecological benefits for the SEA whilst also making them an attractive feature of the subdivision. 

Planning & Policy
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