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Harriet Hunter


Enthusiastic about freshwater and ecology, Harriet is a proficient Ecologist with close to a decade of experience in the ecology profession. 

Harriet joined 4Sight in February 2022 as a Senior Freshwater Ecologist based in our Gisborne Office. She has always been passionate about New Zealand's Ecosystems and strives to get the best outcomes to protect and enhance biodiversity.

Harriet has a Master's Degree (with Distinction) in Ecology and has worked in the ecology industry for over nine years in both Regional Councils and the private sector. Her Master's research investigated the recovery rate of streams in soft geology following forestry harvest. Her extensive ecology experience includes freshwater surveys, ecological monitoring and management plans, environmental monitoring, fauna surveys including bird, fish, lizard and mussel surveys, terrestrial surveys and pest control, all throughout New Zealand in different ecosystems and habitats. Harriet has delivered expert evidence in Resource Consent hearings and Environment Court and has a sound knowledge of ecology and the primary sector, including the agriculture, horticulture and forestry industries.
In her current role, Harriet undertakes Assessments of Environmental Effects, designs and implements ecological surveys, samples and analyses water quality, undertakes fish and macroinvertebrate surveys, develops management plans, manages projects, and prepares reports. 

Harriet loves to get outside and explore new places in her spare time. She is always up for an adventure and enjoys tramping, swimming, diving, fishing, and keeping fit. 

027 471 3742  
Areas of Expertise
  • Freshwater Ecology

  • Water Quality

  • Assessments of Environmental Effects

  • Catchment and Land Use Management

  • Ecological Management and Monitoring Design

  • Fish Passage

  • Terrestrial Ecology

  • Freshwater Fish Surveys

  • Stream Surveys

  • Pest Management

  • Project Management

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