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Client:        Fulton Hogan & John Holland
Sector:       Private
Services:    Environmental, Contaminated Land

The Fulton Hogan-John Holland joint venture engaged 4Sight in early 2012 to act as contaminated land specialists for the installation of the Hunua 4 water main pipeline. In May 2013, our role was broadened to include acting as the Environmental & Compliance Manager for section 2 of the pipeline.

The Hunua 4 project, which is being undertaken by Watercare, is to install a new water main. The objectives of the project are to cater for Auckland's population growth and make the water supply more secure. Services provided by 4Sight include:

  • Overseeing assessment and management of soil and groundwater contamination along the construction route;

  • Ensuring the project complies with the conditions of the contaminated land discharge consent;

  • Soil vapour and landfill gas monitoring;

  • Managing accidental discoveries of contamination, including asbestos;

  • Interpreting soil, surface water and groundwater analytical data and soil-vapour readings;

  • Liaising with Auckland Council as the regulatory authority; and

  • Providing advice and direction on any encountered contamination.

Effective collaboration between the project's different stakeholders is critical to its success. 4Sight is working closely with the joint venture to facilitate a collaborative environment where all parties' interests are fairly represented.

Due to the installation's nature, a wide range of environmental issues have been – and will be – encountered. As a result, 4Sight has had to provide specialist advice on multiple issues encompassing several different disciplines. Our work so far has included regular field inspections, comprehensive data assessment, liaising with Auckland Council and coaching the client's onsite employees.

So far we've helped the client to fully comply with regional authorities, and have helped them strike the right balance between environmental concerns and cost-effectiveness. 

"I have dealt with hundreds of consultants over the years and dozens of different businesses ranging from multiple nationals to boutique niche providers and therefore I feel as though I can give you a valid impression of your business and the service provided. I have regularly dealt with both Renate Schutte and Anne Lightfoot regarding contaminated land issues associated with our project and without exception they have been brilliant.  Their advice and direction has been a breath of fresh air and has restored my faith in consultants. They have been quick to respond, thorough, and utterly professional. Both Renate and Anne have greatly contributed to the successful start-up of our project. They are a credit to their profession and to your business and I look forward to working with them over the next 4 years of this project. Many thanks and congratulations on truly top customer service."

- Simon Cathcart, (then) Environmental & Quality Manager, Fulton Hogan John Holland Joint Venture

Fulton Hogan & John
Contaminated Land
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