Our track record of success in working with iwi is based on the shared philosophy that good outcomes balance the needs of
the land, people and water, not just today, but for many years to come.


Whakapapa binds us to the mountains, land, forests and waters, all living things have the same origin, possess mauri, are connected and interdependent. 

The know how: Drawing on our sound knowledge of ecosystem health and the planning and policy instruments that regulate the management of natural resources, we are uniquely qualified to add value to projects and management decisions affecting iwi.

The can do: We work alongside iwi to seek solutions that not only fulfil their immediate objectives but also support the long-term social, economic, educational, cultural and spiritual development of iwi and their communities.

Our team’s strength is their ability to work in an open and responsive manner to enable opportunities for iwi, hapu, and whanau to realise the full potential of their resources while protecting those assets for future generations.



We have proven track record in:

Policy & Planning

We take the complexity out of navigating the statutory process by translating policy and providing sound advice to help achieve your goals.

Land & Water Quality Management

We show you how to retain or re-instate the quality of your land and water to protect and maximise its economic value.

Environmental Management

We can help unlock the economic potential of assets in a way that protects their long-term value and ability to create wealth for future generations.


Landscape & Urban Design

We help you create spaces that maximise assets, inspiration and identity through a design-led process for successful place-making.


Our team of specialists are passionate about finding solutions that protect the bio-diversity of the land and waters.


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Iwi Success Stories


Toitu te marae a tane
Toitu te marae a tangaroa
Toitu te iwi

If we protect and strengthen the realms of the land and water, they will sustain and strengthen the people.



Kia ora - I'm Alice Andrew. I have a vast background in environmental consulting and sustainability.

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