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Jessica Feickert

Jessica seeks better outcomes for the marine environment while facilitating development so that more people can enjoy the marine space. 

Jessica joined 4Sight in May 2023 as a Marine Ecologist in the Ecology team based in the Auckland office. Jessica is responsible for the whole project lifecycle of her projects, including project implementation, conducting fieldwork, sample processing, statistical analysis and report preparation. 


Across her career, Jessica has been involved in a wide variety of projects including long term ecological monitoring projects, baseline assessments, consent monitoring, outfall monitoring, dredge assessments and assessments of ecological effects. Through these projects Jessica has gained experience in marine field work, sample processing, water, sediment and shellfish quality assessments, statistical analysis and report preparation. She also has experience in taxonomic identification of marine benthic macroinvertebrates. 


Jessica has a Master of Science in Marine Science with First Class Honours, and received an MBIE scholarship for work around the early life history of the New Zealand Pea Crab, a parasite of the green-lipped mussel.  


With a love of biological science, Jessica particularly enjoys the technical aspects of marine science, and finds it fascinating looking at the details of sediment chemistry against the broader effects on marine life, from mammals and birds, to worms that live their whole lives in the ocean mud. 


Outside of work, you can find Jessica tramping, cycling or swimming, and she also has an appreciation for great design. 


021 111 8560 |
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Areas of Expertise
  • Assessment of Ecological Effects 

  • Ecological Assessments for Coastal Constructions, including boardwalks, jetties, and boathouses 

  • Consent Monitoring for Marinas, Waterways, Outfalls, and Construction Projects 

  • Ecological Baseline Assessments  

  • Sediment, Shellfish, and Water Quality Assessment 

  • Intertidal and Benthic Sampling 

  • Banded Rail Surveys 

  • Marine Benthic Macroinvertebrate Taxonomy 

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