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Processing samples in the Dunedin laboratory to support the Regional Council’s State of the Environment Monitoring Programme

Environment Southland
Local Government

Ecology, Laboratory Services

The 4Sight Rattray Street office in Dunedin houses a laboratory where our experienced Ecology team analyses a range of environmental samples.


The team utilises the facilities to process Environment Southland’s state of the environment macroinvertebrate samples, using MfE approved protocols. These samples are collected by Council employees from sites throughout Southland. 


The processing is vigorously checked, including internal reviews by our laboratory team and external quality control checks (by other experts), to ensure the data is of the highest quality. We have provided this service since 2002, as the client values our excellent quality control record, consistency, and continuity of service.


Reporting is to Environment Southland, with results being used for Council reports and updates to the community, as well as contributing to river health information found on the Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) website. We also provide data outputs in a range of formats to suit the Council’s requirements, including for use in long-term databases.

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