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maddie Understands that reinforcing relationships between people and the environment is crucial to today’s world thriving.

Maddie joined 4Sight Consulting in August 2020 working closely alongside our Landscape Architecture team.


With a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Victoria University, Maddie has experience working on public and private sector projects including coastal structures and developments, bush tracks, shared paths, and playgrounds. She was involved in these projects from concept right through to delivery and provided project management, design, and visualisation services.

She believes that flexible designs which reinforce relationships between people and the environment are crucial in today’s changing world, and has a strong interest in the role that Landscape Architects will play in a world impacted by climate change. She explored this concept, and how resourcing producing technology, could be integrated into public spaces for her thesis - 'Cyborg Landscapes: Using Rising Sea Levels as the Catalyst for Integrating Clean Technologies into Public Recreation Spaces’. 

Maddie has the background and skills to produce balanced concepts right across the landscape spectrum, always considering the wider context while ensuring the finished project is functional and aesthetically pleasing at a people level. She is innovative and enjoys problem-solving, and is intent on finding the best solution to a problem to ensure that the client receives a high quality, fit for purpose, project upon delivery.


Maddie is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects and is currently working towards gaining her registration.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Landscape Design

  • Playground Design

  • Tracks and Paths Design

  • Project Management

  • 3D Modelling and Visualisation

  • Community Consultation

  • Concept, Detailed and Construction Design