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martyn wilson reserve


Client:        Auckland Council
Sector:       Public
Services:    Planning & Policy, Environmental

4Sight helped Auckland Council deliver an award-winning stream restoration and wetland project that helped to resolve flooding and improve the ecological and amenity features of an urban stream environment. 

4Sight assisted with the environmental management and compliance aspects of the Martyn Wilson Reserve project. We also helped the client obtain consents and provided technical input to the project's contamination aspects where it was needed.

Key features of the project included:

  • Construction of a formed stormwater treatment pond;

  • Clearing of mangroves;

  • Extensive landscape native planting along the stream margins to reduce erosion and provide ecological habitat;

  • Constructed timber boardwalk and footbridge to improve community connectivity with the stream; and

  • Control of the water flow from the pond via a weir which was constructed with special features to allow fish passage.

Our approach to the project was centred around high levels of trust and collaboration; we worked with several different consultancies and also went to great lengths to involve local residents and schools in the decision-making process.

This mutual respect and trust with the local residents, formed during high-level engagement at the project's consultation stage, was built upon by the construction team who established an outstanding level of rapport with the local residents.

Our role as the project's independent compliance advisor helped to achieve a greater level of buy-in from all parties. This meant that when design changes were required, a collaborative approach could be used and all parties were aware of the fast turnaround times required.

The project was an outstanding success due to the high levels of trust, respect and collaboration between all parties involved. It was such a success, in fact, that it won numerous awards including the Excellence in Environmental Practice award at the New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards 2013, the 2013 New Zealand Contractors' Federation Environmental Award for projects under $2 million, and the Ingenium Excellence Awards 2013 – Winner projects under $2 million.

Auckland Council
Planning & Policy
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