Client:        Auckland Council
Sector:       Public
Services:    Planning & Policy, Environmental, Ecology, Coastal

Since 2001, 4Sight has played a crucial role in helping Auckland City to identify and address the causes of poor water quality in Orakei Basin. 

4Sight has been working to improve Orakei Basin's environmental and recreational value for almost 15 years. Some projects we've worked on to help achieve this goal include:

  • Dredging contaminated sediments from the basin;

  • Options studies to improve water quality and address historical sewer overflow contamination in the creek;

  • Developing a strategy for the long-term management of the basin;

  • Extensive iwi, stakeholder and community consultation;

  • Resource consent acquisition for continued impoundment;

  • Acting as a facilitator between stakeholder groups and council, whose relationship had become fragile on a number of basin-related projects;

  • Helping the council to resolve significant resource management problems carried over from another consultancy;

  • Facilitating the delivery of a $3 million coastal boardwalk and cycleway around the basin;

  • Development of the Reserve Management Plan for the reserves surrounding Orakei Basin;

  • Delivering a project to restore the failing access road and carpark;

  • Leading the design, investigation and consenting of further sections of the coastal boardwalk network.

We provided a holistic service which encompassed all of the environmental, community and planning aspects associated with the basin. These services included:

  • Working to understand the city's responsibilities under the Local Government Act, Reserves Act, Historic Places Act and RMA;

  • Maintaining strong working relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, with key parties such as iwi residents and environmental protection groups;

  • Identifying project delivery risks, and developing strategies to manage and address those risks to reduce costs and time frames;

  • Representing the council to internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and other interested parties;

  • Working collaboratively with other consultants to deliver the best possible outcome for the client;

  • Engaging with the local community;

  • Working with the contractors to ensure high levels of environmental compliance were achieved.

The ongoing success of the project can be attributed to the development of a long-standing relationship between 4Sight and the client that extends beyond the individuals involved. 

The Orakei Basin is a unique archaeological and geological feature of the Auckland Region and an important recreational asset. Our long-standing involvement has encompassed a wide range of projects addressing many different types of resource management issues. The decision to continue the impoundment was a significant achievement, as despite opposing viewpoints, the publicly notified consents were granted without needing to proceed to a public hearing. 

We have successfully represented the council at Environment Court Mediation, and have helped to heal fragmented community relationships. Our work over the years has shown great innovation and has also been extremely cost-effective. 

"4Sight have worked on a lot of sensitive and high profile sites for Auckland City Parks. They have taken on consents, communications and project management with a sense of ownership and drive. Current work on Orakei Basin has tied together archaeological, arboricultural and coastal marine aspects of consenting into achievable physical works.  Their ability to deal with disparate and motivated stakeholders and give clear guidance to contractors has been integral to project success."

- Greg Hannah

Auckland Council
Planning & Policy