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Chrisco has over 20 years’ experience in construction and project management, and brings a diverse range of skills to the 4sight team.


As a Principal Environmental Risk and Safety Consultant, Chrisco is involved in asbestos surveying and removal, preparation of asbestos management plans, clearance and abatement monitoring, and decontamination and site establishment management.


Chrisco’s recent background includes gaining appointment to the Housing New Zealand panel for demolition works, conducting asbestos abatement and reinstatement works across 220 sites for Transpower NZ, directing the on-ground survey program for the Transpower NZ asbestos survey program, and managing an asbestos survey program for First Gas which covered 62 sites.


He is also an accomplished project manager, including financial management and reporting, business planning, staff management and HR, operations and business development.


Chrisco is qualified through the British Occupational Health Society (IP 402) as an Asbestos Surveyor, and is also an Australian VET Standard Asbestos Assessor. Chrisco is a Licensed WorkSafe Asbestos Assessor  (AA17090148).




022 031 2851



Current Asbestos Assessor Licence Holder (Licence number: AA17090148)

Project and Programme Management

Health and Safety

Construction Management

Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos Management Plans and Advisory

Asbestos decontamination Site Establishment and Supervision

Asbestos 3rd Party Assessment and Monitoring

Asbestos Air Monitoring and Reporting

Asbestos Clearance Assessment and Reporting