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4Sight’s Planning and Urban Design teams coming together to deliver a significant outcome for a valued client.

Calder Stewart
Planning & Policy, Landscape & Urban

4Sight worked closely with Calder Stewart to prepare a submission in support of PC41 - an industrial re-zoning plan change in Clutha District Council (CDC) covering 330ha of rural land, predominantly owned by Calder Stewart.

4Sight successfully sought the inclusion of a Structure Plan to underpin the plan change, avoiding the need to undertake an additional plan change process in the future. The structure plan was developed by 4Sight’s Landscape Architecture team to provide for different scales of industrial activities, without compromising the amenity values of the surrounding environment.

The structure plan was subsequently adopted by CDC and incorporated by way of a variation to Plan Change 41, becoming Plan Change 41A. 4Sight also successfully sought numerous changes to the policy and rule framework supporting the proposed re-zoning to facilitate future sustainable development within the plan change area, while minimising the necessity for future resource consents.

4Sight worked with a team of environmental engineering, transport and landscape architecture consultants to effectively present submissions at the local government hearing. Council’s decision to approve the plan change and structure plan was notified in February 2020, and no appeals were received. The Council formally adopted the plan change on the 11th June 2020, with the plan change having operative status from the 20th June 2020.

This project represents a milestone for 4Sight’s Planning and Landscape Architecture Teams as it reflects how we can utilise our expertise across the spectrum to deliver a significant outcome for our client Calder Stewart.

Check out the structure plan below:

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