Benjamin Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” In hindsight, it's often easy to see where you went wrong and what could have been done to get a better outcome. It takes experience and foresight to make good planning and policy decisions.


We help you get where you want to be - faster and with less headaches - by identifying potential hurdles and providing practical solutions before you commit to significant dollars. Our success in both the public and private sectors means we can add real value when it comes to providing policy advice.

Our planning and policy experts are experienced in all aspects of the process, and because we take an integrated approach to everything we do, from planning and policy through to environmental and ecological issues, you won't have to deal with unforeseen surprises along the way.



Here’s how we can help you with planning and policy:

  • Due diligence and site selection - Identify the potential planning hurdles before you invest heavily in a project
  • Resource consents - Assess the risks and address all necessary statutory planning requirements so you avoid expensive delays
  • Catchment Management and Network Consenting - An integrated approach to science and planning
  • Social Impact Assessment and Monitoring - Looks at the effects of projects and programmes on people and communities
  • Consultation - Stakeholder and community engagement, IAP2 accredited
  • Assessments of Environment Effects - Tying specialist inputs into a cohesive and understandable story
  • Designations - Navigating you through the designation process regardless of whether you are a requiring authority, network utility operator or member of the public
  • Plan Changes - Strategically manage and maximise the potential of your land, private and public plan changes
  • Hearing, Caucusing and Environment Court representation - Make sure your position is best represented by selecting the correct specialists to address the key risk areas
  • Policy development - Practical experience to deliver effective policy
  • Freshwater Management - Implementing National Environmental Standards
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi - Specialist understanding of Māori environmental issues



Hi - I'm Jennifer Valentine. I have a vast background in planning and policy.

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