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A Day in The Life of A Grad – Meet Sophie Brocklesby

Sophie Brocklesby spent hours searching through LinkedIn and company websites when deciding on where to apply for a job. Nearly at the end of her Master of Planning degree at Auckland University but wanting to get some experience under her belt, she decided on 4Sight Consulting, took a leap of faith, and applied for an internship with us.

She didn't make her decision lightly though and had a few non-negotiables when it came to choosing her future place of work. Authenticity, integrity, New Zealand-owned, flexibility - these were just a few of her criteria, and when she applied for a role with us, she was confident we ticked all those boxes. We were equally as impressed with her and wanted to share what she had to say about her decision-making process and why she chose 4Sight:

"It would be a privilege to work with an authentic New Zealand-owned consultancy, as they are becoming harder to come across, but I was immediately drawn to 4Sight due to its Aotearoa heritage and the way the company honours Te Tiriti O Waitangi in all aspects of its work. I particularly like the multidisciplinary context of 4Sight, which provides the opportunity to work within multiple sectors and collaborate with a variety of people. I believe this will facilitate continuous growth and motivation to stay working with 4Sight for my working career. 4Sight's work is also progressive, and the company takes accountability for its contributions to environmental outcomes. I, too, am passionate about the environment, and my interests within urban planning are in sustainability and sustainable urbanism. Therefore, the climate commitments by 4Sight drew me to working with the company, as 4Sight's values align with my own."

Sophie's testimony struck a chord with us, and just as she was immediately drawn to us, we were immediately drawn to her. Because 4Sight, above all else, is about the people and finding the best people in the industry whose values align with our own so that we can live, work, and thrive together. And after meeting with her, we knew she was the right fit for our team.

Sophie is now well and truly settled into her role at 4Sight, having also been promoted to a Graduate Planner from an intern position, she says what she said back in May 2021 still stands - 4Sight has lived up to all of her expectations and continues to tick all those boxes! Her role is a busy one, working on a variety of projects across New Zealand, preparing and lodging resource consents and assisting with policy submissions and the preparation of evidence. But still, she wouldn't have it any other way, and we are absolutely thrilled to have her on board!

So, speaking to all the other university students and graduates out there, are you in a similar situation to Sophie? You're close to finishing up university or have graduated, and you're on the hunt for a job. Where do you start? We know it's a daunting task and an intense one at that, sending out multiple CVs and emails to businesses, phone calls to HR teams, and scrolling through (what can seem like thousands of) company websites to find the right fit for you. Well, hopefully, we can make the decision process a little easier for you. Here at 4Sight, we believe the ideal environment starts with yours. It's about achieving work-life balance and giving our people the freedom to be curious, creative and act with confidence for our clients, our land, and our water. These values ensure we shape positive changes in New Zealand and beyond. We believe in better. Do you? We are 4Sight consulting - join us. Get in touch with our People team ( today for more information.

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