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Andrew Stewart Ltd is Now 4Sight Consulting

Award-winning planning and environmental consultancy, Andrew Stewart Ltd, is now 4Sight Consulting

“Our new brand better reflects the nature of what we do and how we do it”, says Aaron Andrew, Managing Director of multidisciplinary planning and environmental consulting firm, 4Sight.

After 14 years, the management team at Andrew Stewart Limited knew it was time for a change. “We did some research with a number of our clients earlier this year”, explains Aaron, “and they told us that our professionalism and expertise are top notch. But we also heard that our name didn't really embody what we do and some of our clients were not aware of the full range of services we offer.”

That feedback triggered some hard thinking on the part of the management team. “Our ability to provide tailored services to both the Public and Private Sector, as well as iwi needed to be more clearly communicated”, explains Aaron, “so we wanted to make sure our communications and online presence clearly communicates that. We also wanted our brand to be as dynamic as our team, because at the end of the day, it’s our people that get the outstanding results for our clients.”

Going above and beyond to deliver great outcomes for the client, while maintaining regulatory and environmental integrity, is what makes 4Sight different. “We've built long-term relationships with a diverse range of clients over the years because we take a balanced yet pragmatic approach”, says Aaron.

In a world where short-term gain thinking has become the norm, 4Sight has built its success on taking a long-term view. “Our philosophy is that good outcomes balance the needs of the land, people and water, not just today, but for many years to come”, says Aaron. 

It’s an approach that takes depth of experience and foresight - and was the impetus for the company’s name change. “We've proven to the market over the past 14 years that we have both, and it continues to be the foundation of our business going forward.”


From private and public sector organisations through to iwi and residential home owners, we've been helping people of all kinds make better planning and environmental decisions since 2001. 

We take our commitment to our clients and the environment seriously - and it shows in the outcomes we've achieved. We apply the right expertise, information and process to every project we undertake - and go above and beyond to get an outcome that balances the needs of land, water and people. 

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For media enquiries contact: Aaron Andrew Managing Director 4Sight Consulting

Mobile 021 624 672

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