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CEMARS Re-Certification and Cake!

Image: Alice Andrew, Caroline Attwooll and our CEMARS Account Manager Helene Pacalin

The Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (or CEMARS now called Toitū Envirocare) is something we have been a part of for almost a decade and in October 2018, we were re-certified as a CEMARS certified business.

CEMARS is a certification programme available in 17 countries that helps businesses measure their operation emissions e.g. business travel, electricity and vehicles, and then provides them with the tools and support necessary to reduce them. Companies are then regularly audited to ensure they are meeting best practice and continuing to reduce their emissions.

Lowering carbon emissions in the workplace is a full-time commitment and we’ve been actively working towards reducing our carbon emissions since the birth of 4Sight. When we first started working on our carbon reduction plan, we did all the small stuff e.g. reminding staff to turn off the lights and minimising our waste by recycling and composting as much as we could, and then, once we joined CEMARS, we were able to begin quantifying the amount of emissions we were actually generating and identify efficiencies and cost savings.

We are still working towards reducing our carbon emissions and have even added an electric vehicle to our fleet, but we have remained a CEMARS certified business all these years, so we think we’re on the right track.

We are proud to be a part of it and we even got a congratulatory cake from CEMARS when they awarded us our certificate, and anyone who gives us a cake is alright in our book. But most importantly, anyone that helps us keep New Zealand cleaner, greener and more sustainable gets a big tick from us.

So we will continue to work on reducing our carbon emissions, not just in the workplace, but we intend to in our homes as well - what will you do?

For more information on our carbon reduction targets or if you’d like to view our carbon emissions reports, visit our profile page on the Toitū Envirocare website.

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