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Coastal Engineering Challenges in a Changing World

In May 2018, 4Sight's Sam Morgan organised a seminar held at the 4Sight Auckland office where Dr Steven Hughes, who was visiting New Zealand as part of the Fulbright Specialist Program, in conjunction with the University of Auckland, came and spoke to us.

The seminar was generously supported by the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) and highlighted a few observations about present-day coastal engineering, and then the four challenges faced by the coastal engineering profession. These 4 challenges were (1) responding to climate change; (2) maintaining the knowledge base; (3) advocating for coastal engineering; and (4) learning from coastal engineering practitioners. It was also noted that how we, as a community, respond to these challenges, will define coastal engineering well into the future.

So how did it all go? The event was a great success thanks to Dr Steven Hughes from Colorado. It was great to hear about, and to discuss, the challenges around present-day coastal engineering with other passionate professionals in the region.

Get in touch with Sam Morgan if you have any of your own coastal engineering questions.

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