Driving the Sustainability Agenda

A sustainable future for NZ isn’t going to happen without business action, which is why we have been members of the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) for over a decade. Check out our manifesto - Working together for a better future: a partnership platform for business and government here.

We joined the SBC over a decade ago when we were only roughly one 7th of the size we are now so that we could help influence change and have our voice heard by the government.

Today there are over 86 members, including many of New Zealand’s largest businesses and together we represent more than a quarter of New Zealand’s private sector GDP - $66 billion collective turnover!

The SBC members advocate for a better way of doing business. All members have made a commitment to the balanced pursuit of economic growth, environmental integrity and social progress within a business context, and to report on their progress. This includes measuring and reducing their carbon footprint and influencing the wider business community through their supply chains.

The manifesto outlines where we see opportunities for business to best collaborate with the next government, and why it is important to us.