Earthworks Season: Have you got your skinks in a row?

It feels like it comes around faster and faster every year, but once again it's earthworks season. To our ecologists, that means a busy time out and about fulfilling those 'pre-start' ecological requirements of land development resource consents. Where lizard habitats have been identified, we're trapping native skinks for relocation out of the works footprint, as well as working with contractors during vegetation clearance to capture any remaining lizards. Where streamworks are involved our team have been trapping and electric fishing to capture native fish, before moving them to safe sections that won't be affected by the works. Consents for tree clearance during this time can also require nesting surveys, to make sure felling won't disturb native bird nests with eggs or chicks.

It’s a timely reminder to check if there are any ecological requirements associated with your earthworks consent. To avoid programme delays it's important to understand how much time is needed to implement these wildlife protection and relocation measures and ensure they're incorporated into your works timelines for this season.