Earthworks Season: Tackling Contaminated Land Issues

Spring is here along with lambs, flowers, and construction season!  That means it’s time to get on with earthworks and get going on building. Of course, you’ve prepared well and have applied for the usual consents and permits. Good work so far, but have you had a land contamination investigation done and do you have a specialist lined up and on call? If not, you could be in for costly delays with consents put on hold by Councils.  You might have been told you need a SQEP (suitably qualified and experienced practitioner) in this case this is a contaminated land specialist who can conduct the required investigations, develop reports to assist with getting your consent application through the system, and help you and your team understand consent compliance conditions.  If you do find yourself in the position where things have gone wrong, having a planner and SQEP with a good working relationship with the regulatory authority makes all the difference.  

At 4Sight Consulting, our SQEPs work closely with our planners, ecologists, stormwater, and compliance experts.  We also work with many of the Councils – from negotiating consent conditions to acting as a preferred reviewer on behalf of the Council.  We can add value to your project by helping you avoid delays through anticipating regulatory requirements and finding pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.  There’s some great general information available in a series of fact sheets which can be found here. Fact Sheet 4 discusses earthworks consenting requirements for potentially contaminated land.  If you’d like more detailed information, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you better understand the process and requirements.