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Environmental Compliance Conference

The 2017 Environmental Compliance Conference took place this week, bringing together local government officers to hear the views of experienced peers, exchange ideas, review industry best practice, learn from case studies and network with colleagues.

This was an interactive two-day conference, involving field trips, exhibitions and workshops focusing on practical and tactical solutions to compliance problems and opportunities in New Zealand.

We were very excited to have 4Sight Senior Environmental Management Consultant Emma Comrie-Thomson present at the conference, alongside Senior Associate Vicki Morrison-Shaw and Solicitor Rowan Ashton from Atkins Holm Majurey.

Emma’s presentation was titled: “You reap what you sow - How better conditions of consent can improve compliance outcomes” and was of particular interest to planners and enforcement officers.

An abstract summary of this presentation has been provided below:

“Quality conditions of consent are a fundamental aspect of ensuring good compliance outcomes – both in the sense that consent holders can better understand and therefore implement quality conditions, and because quality conditions are easier to enforce.

With conditions becoming increasingly elaborate and increased use of Augier conditions, it is important to ensure conditions remain clear, practical, and are enforceable.

In addition, the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 has introduced changes to the requirements for conditions of resource consents which come into effect on 18 October 2017.”

The presentation covered:

The core requirements for legally valid conditions,

The effects of Court decisions and legislative amendments,

Augier conditions, what they are, when they are appropriate from compliance and perspective, and when they are not,

The relationships between types of conditions and compliance outcomes,

Examples of problematic conditions and how these can be amended to support improved compliance outcomes.

Find out more about Emma by checking out her profile on our website here.

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