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Grand Designs Require Grand Plans

4Sight Consulting is proud to have contributed to the Ballara family’s house becoming a reality. We love the house for its innovation, and for its inclusion of passive building principles where heating and cooling systems form part of the ecology of the building. Little if any energy will be required for heating or cooling. We also loved the project for the challenge it gave us. Our Wellington planners worked closely with Nic to acquire the consent, and to obtain a subsequent change to the original consent conditions. And, despite being classed as non-complying, the applications were processed by WCC on a non-notified basis.

Much of the consenting challenge was created by the unusual site. The site is extreme, even by Wellington standards, leading to some district plan rules and standards being significantly exceeded. Almost half the footprint of the four level development is actually built on road reserve. Our job was to convince the Council that, in the circumstances, not being able to comply with the standards wasn’t a show-stopper. When resource consent was granted, we think Nic’s email to us says it all...

“Thanks, you guys are awesome, appreciate this superb victory for the common man".

Back at ya Nic. Photos of the completed build can be found here as well as footage of the final interview with Nic and his wife on completion of the house, courtesy of TV3.

Nic’s house was one of only four houses* to win an award in the 2016 Wellington Architecture Awards. 

* Excluding additions and alterations awards, and awards for multi-unit housing.

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