Inspiring Young New Zealanders with The Wonder Project

At the beginning of the 2017 year 4Sight made some resolutions. Thriving into the future is about sharing our knowledge to educate and shape a better future.

The Wonder Project, formerly known as Futureintech, is an Engineering New Zealand initiative that promotes the wide range of science, technology, and engineering careers to young New Zealanders by bringing people who are already working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based industries into classrooms.

Ambassadors share their work experiences and personal success stories to inspire young New Zealanders to explore these careers.

The goals of The Wonder Project are to:

Increase enrollments for tertiary study of science, technology, and engineering.

Raise the profile of careers in science, technology, and engineering.

Offer school students hands-on learning experiences to increase their interest.

Establish relationships between industry and education communities.

4Sight has been involved with The Wonder Project for over 10 years and has presented at Careers Expos, school assemblies, school open days, education conferences and helped with class projects. The programme is funded by Callaghan Innovation.

In recent years, 4Sight’s ambassadors have also facilitated the Hello Café series which aims to support young girls (10-13 year olds) to open their minds, create opportunities, and gain confidence to help those around them. Hello Café is based on a series of problem-solving workshops where the girls solve problems, contribute to their communities and find inspiration for our future.

4Sight is thrilled to share our knowledge in educating and shaping the future by providing on the ground ambassadors as well as working with The Wonder Project and Engineering New Zealand on the programmes strategic direction.