Integrating Multiple Aquatic Values Conference

Our fourth and final conference of the month was the Integrating Multiple Aquatic Values Conference, which was run in association with the International Society for River Science, Waikato River Authority, IPENZ/Water NZ Rivers Group and the New Zealand Freshwater Science Society.

The conference was hosted by the University of Waikato in Hamilton and was targeted towards professionals in the physical, natural and socio-economic sciences, as well as those who manage and create policy for the use of riverine resources and their aquatic environments.

Attendees had access to speaker presentations, exhibits, networking functions and field trips that showcased New Zealand’s unique river environment

4Sight Director Michael Lindgreen co-authored two papers.

Michael’s first paper was an overview of a framework for integrated stream management. Below is an excerpt from Michael’s presentation abstract:

“Watercourse Assessment Reports (WARs) are documents developed by Auckland Council to guide watercourse and stormwater network management in the context of a holistic strategic approach for managing stormwater effects on streams.

The WARs represent the most recent iteration in a series of program refinements towards developing a management methodology capable of achieving multiple objectives within realistic environmental, economic and social constraints…Michael’s paper explored the WAR approach, and an example of the outputs that can be used by infrastructure providers to deliver prioritised catchment-wide network maintenance.”

Michael left attendees to think about whether this approach to the assessment and management of streams should be adopted at a national level to improve the integrated management of watercourses across Council boundaries and improve the availability of stream data,

The second paper Michael co-authored was about the Lower Waikato flood control infrastructure and drainage services and their effects on fish passage. Below is an excerpt from this abstract:

“The Waikato River and waterways were significantly modified in the 20th century through development of hydropower, installation of flood control infrastructure and land development for agriculture and other uses.

In recent years, the Waikato Regional Council Integrated Catchment Management Directorate (ICM) and partner institutions have instigated a number of initiatives across the region and in the Lower Waikato to address broader environmental objectives while continuing to serve flood and drainage levels of service…This paper summarises the current flood and drainage service and provides an overview of the initiatives to better accommodate environmental objectives into ICM’s asset management.”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our whirlwind month of conferences! Thanks to all who have come up to speak with our presenters and given great feedback! If you’ve missed any of our previous conference summaries, you can check them out below:

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