Judging The New Zealand Flower and Garden Show

Last night was the gala opening night for the New Zealand Flower and Garden Show, the second Auckland based international flower and garden show since the Ellerslie International Flower Show.

There were plenty of stunning entries this year (take the above pictures for example), which our talented Principal Landscape Architect, Renèe Davies, had the pleasure of judging. Well done Renèe, we know that urban and landscape design is your passion, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have been easy to judge so many fantastic entries.

We mentioned that Renèe was talented, but did we also mention that as an accredited member of the Garden Design Society of New Zealand, Renee also entered a planted pot of her own to the exhibition. Her pot named Ngahere (pictured below) is a showcase of the New Zealand forest ecosystem as a layered web of plants, fungi and animals. The detail and beauty found in our unique forest plants is showcased in Renèe’s piece with a palette of indigenous species that reflects the qualities of our forests - a mix of epiphytes, climbers, ferns and groundcovers. It is an incredibly powerful reflection of the diversity possible with a muted scheme of varied textures, shades of green and relationships and we think another well done is in order for Renèe!

The overall supreme winner of show this year was Jules Moore's zen garden described by judges as an absolute showstopper!