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Lockdown Diaries

Stuck indoors, nowhere to go, another virtual meeting, can't see your workmates - you guessed it, we're talking about lockdown.

It was a grey day in August when the news hit that a case of Delta had been identified in the community and the whole country would be moving to Alert Level 4, but who knew it would last this long. And as the weeks went on and the Zoom and Teams meetings piled up, we thought we would organise a few activities for our employees to say thank you, particularly to those who had been in it for the long haul, like our Tāmaki Makaurau and Waikato teams.

Three activities were organised to put a smile back on their faces and focus their attention on something that was a bit different from the humdrum of home life. So first up, we had an escape room, where our people were put into teams of (up to) 6 and given the task of escaping the mad pharaoh through a virtual escape room. There were mind games, puzzles and memory mishaps that really tested us and made us think outside the box. There was even a funky Egyptian soundtrack to boot! It truly was a fantastic event, and it was so good to feel like our teams (albeit virtually) were socialising again!

Next up, we held our own 4Sight Bake-Off challenge! The team were individually sent two different baking kits that required one store cupboard ingredient and a bit of love. Despite a few challenges with couriers (hands up if you have been experiencing courier delays yourself lately!), the team were put to the test and we got some great results, including Squid Game themed biccies, high teas, professional-looking cheese platters, and some very happy looking little helpers.

Lastly, we hosted a magic show, and we know what you're thinking, magic over Zoom sounds interesting, but it really was outstanding! It was an interactive event that allowed all members of 4Sight up and down the country to get involved and bring along their loved ones too. We must say that the Sydney based team at The Black Ties were phenomenal, and we could not have asked for better!

Some of us are still in lockdown, and some of us now have a few more freedoms, but we feel the end is in sight and that hopefully, lockdown will be drawing to a close very soon. What the future holds or looks like with COVID-19 may still be a little uncertain at this stage, but one thing we do know for certain is how lucky we are to be part of the 4Sight whānau and to know we work with a group of people who enable us to live, work, and thrive together every day. We look forward to seeing you and all of our clients again very soon, and in the meantime, check out all the pictures from our bake-off below - enjoy!

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