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Meet Our New Ecology Experts

31 May 2022

The team from Ryder Environmental are well and truly integrating into our business following the acquisition in March 2022. They are a highly educated bunch, leading the field in Ecology, with four PhDs between them. Covering the full spectrum of ecological matters collectively, they specialise in freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecology, including conducting fieldwork and processing samples in the laboratory.

We've welcomed into our whānau Ben Ludgate, Bryony Alden, Christiane Funnell, Dr. Greg Ryder, Dr. Maia Mistral, Megha Setha, Mike Wakelin, Dr. Ruth Goldsmith and Dr. Steve Rate:

  • Leading the team is Greg, Technical Director in Ecology and Water Quality. Greg has worked for nearly 30 years’ as an Ecology and Water Quality Consultant and is particularly experienced in freshwater and coastal investigations.

  • Ben is a Principal Ecologist and our Dunedin Ecology Manager. He is a freshwater Ecologist with 20 years’ of consulting experience and specialises in assessments of freshwater communities.

  • Bryony is a part-time Ecologist, conducting freshwater and terrestrial fieldwork, and manages workstreams in our laboratory. She is also studying for a PhD in Zoology at the University of Otago, focused on microplastics in urban ponds and the possible effects on amphibian health.

  • Christiane is the Office Administrator. Having worked for Ryder for over 13 years, she is very efficient at keeping the office running smoothly.

  • Maia works part-