NZ Coastal Society Conference

Week 3 of our jam packed conference schedule has kicked off in Tauranga at the New Zealand Coastal Society conference.

The New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) represent a wide range of disciplines, including coastal science, engineering, management and planning.

NZCS are a technical group which are employed in the engineering and environmental consulting sectors of local, regional and central government, as well as in research institutes and the tertiary education sector.

4Sight are very excited that our own Senior Ecology Consultant, Tony Payne, is set to give a talk. Tony’s presentation is titled: “Engaging and enabling a community to restore a prized costal asset.” - a topic that is of great importance to all of us here at 4Sight.

Tony will be drawing upon both his local and international field experience to discuss ways to increase community awareness and support for ecological restoration opportunities within urban environments.

Below is an excerpt from Tony’s presentation abstract:

“Community-based restoration projects are often driven by a few local individuals or a small residents group who are concerned about environmental degradation, and mostly involve small-scale localised efforts.

The small scale of the projects is rarely due to an absence of willingness, but rather a lack of funding, technical resources or ‘know-how’, coordination with wider stakeholders, or understanding of the drivers of degradation. However, with the involvement of local councils and local boards, NGO’s and schools, community-based restoration projects have the potential to enact ecosystem rehabilitation at catchment and landscape scales. “

If you’re at the conference this week make sure you look out for Tony’s presentation and have a chat afterwards.

To find out more about Tony and the work he does for 4Sight, check out his vlog here.