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NZCS Auckland Regional Event - Coastal Engineering Challenges in a Changing World

As active people on an island nation, New Zealanders have a strong connection to the coast. It is a place we run, walk, fish, sail, swim, surf, paddle and simply enjoy the sense of freedom offered by the small space between the environment we are accustom to and the ocean. This leads to strong passions and opinions about how we all use and share this prized space. This passion contributes to the unique challenges in coastal management across all of New Zealand, with our differing opinions contributing to a continuing discourse on how best to manage this precious fringe.

The 4Sight team is continuing to build its skillset in the coastal management space with the intent of being able to further contribute to these issues across the whole country. We are an enthusiastic team of experienced professionals including Ecologists, Coastal Scientists and Planners who work alongside a range of external professionals to achieve the best outcomes for our coast.

Sam Morgan joined the 4Sight team with the intent of contributing and building the team further in the coastal management space. His commitment to this is reflected in his involvement with the New Zealand Coastal Society both regionally and nationally. Get in touch with Sam if you need to talk to an expert.