Shaping the Future Caretakers of Aotearoa

Land, people, water and thriving into the future - these are our resolutions. Part of every action and conversation we have, and at the core of everything we do. They keep us bound to walking the talk. But it takes foresight and planning to do this, and every time we take on a project, support a charity, or sponsor an event, we ask ourselves do they meet our resolutions.

This is where Tread Lightly comes into the equation. Tread lightly is a charity that runs programmes for school-aged children aimed at teaching them, and their families, about the environmental consequences of their everyday actions and ultimately inspiring them to change their behaviours. In a nutshell, they're an organisation, like us, who have land, people, water and thriving into the future at the heart of their business and we are thrilled to have partnered with them earlier in the year to sponsor and develop their latest exhibit.

A crucial part of Tread Lightly's programme is the drain game, a fun and interactive water overflow and drain exhibit that essentially teaches young students where their water ends up once it goes down the drain - a particularly important message what with water restrictions currently in effect. 4Sight worked alongside Tread Lightly to create its latest drain game, and despite the challenges of the past few months, the dedicated staff at the Tread Lightly Caravan have worked hard to get our bespoke catchment exhibit finished, and out to schools, inspiring kids to be kaitaiki and take an active role in helping protect our environment. The new hands-on exhibit also teaches kids the concept of 'Ki uta ki tai' (mountains to the sea) - integrated catchment management and the wellbeing of our communities. The feedback from the kids and teachers so far has been astounding, so a big win for us and Tread Lightly.

Our bespoke catchment exhibit

If you're interested in finding out more or would like to get involved, check out the Tread Lightly website or check out their Facebook page for all the latest details. To book the Tread Lightly Caravan, click here.