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Speaking Up About Living Roofs in New Zealand

Calling all avid Urban Planners, Designers and Architects! 4Sight’s talented Zoë Avery will be presenting her findings on the lack of living roofs in New Zealand at Auckland University’s School of Architecture and Planning tomorrow. Called the School Research Seminar Symposium, it’s a one day event featuring 14 speakers who will present their research conclusions and insights on Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture and Geography. The presentations will be split into three groups which are as follows:

  • The Geographical Scale – the scale of the built environment, its cities and beyond;

  • The Urban Scale – cities and/or spaces within cities; and

  • The Architectural Scale – cities and urban developments created by buildings and more.

Selecting existing living roofs from New Zealand and Europe, Zoë will be critically analysing their form and structure and discuss key barriers that have prevented the integration and prevalence of living roofs here in New Zealand. Ultimately providing conference goers advice on how to increase their popularity and realise their benefits.