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Spotlight on Sarah Ensoll

March 2023

Having now spent six months working as an Environmental Consultant at 4Sight – Part of SLR based in Auckland, Sarah feels she made the best decision coming to work for us and now couldn’t imagine working anywhere else! She tells us why she came to work for 4Sight and what she enjoys about her role here.

“I was attracted to 4Sight as sustainability and the environment is at the forefront of what they do. They don’t just talk the talk, but 4Sight genuinely helps solve environmental challenges and supports clients with sustainability solutions.

What I enjoy most about working at 4Sight is the really positive vibe in the office, everyone is really friendly and happy, right from my interview when the senior team popped in to say hello, I knew that I would feel welcomed and be part of the team. Each team is valued here, and we all work together with a focus to get the best outcome. Much of our work is repeat business and referrals which is a testament to the quality of work we produce and upholding our reputation as experts in our specialist areas.

My work takes me all over Auckland, and sometimes I have the opportunity to travel further to carry out fieldwork such as to New Plymouth. Having a national team means we can support each other and cover the whole of New Zealand. We bounce ideas off each other and manage workloads, and I feel I have the ability to grow and challenge with support from senior members in my team. I also work alongside planners and ecologists in integrated multidisciplinary teams, and it’s really easy to build connections with colleagues living the same values with a common goal. I’m also lucky to have strong female leaders and mentors that I can aspire to at 4Sight.

I love the variety of work and the new areas of environmental consulting that I am exposed to. Now that we are part of SLR, there are even further specialist expertise that I am able to learn from and we are able to carry out a wider range of more niche investigation work. The #OneTeam approach instilled by SLR is the same as what we have always had at 4Sight and has opened up new connections and a greater knowledge base.

I find it really satisfying working on renewable energy projects and knowing that I’ve had involvement in supporting clients with their latest sustainability projects and supporting more renewable sources of energy generation. For example I’ve been involved in the roll out of EV charging points by carrying out soil samples and conducting investigations in the consenting phase for solar farm projects. I enjoy having direct engagement with my clients and working through their challenges to help create sustainable solutions.

I’m really excited to be working on some unique projects coming up and grateful for the opportunity to work at 4Sight."

Find out more about the projects managed by the Environmental Services team here: Asbestos & Contaminated Land Projects | 4Sight Consulting

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