That's A Wrap 2021

At the end of 2020, we sighed a sigh of relief and thought, well, at least that’s over and collectively looked forward to 2021 with optimism believing it would be a better year.

2021 arrived, and so far, so good. We worked on exciting projects, saw the arrival of babies, graduations, and our team members get married. We celebrated birthdays, opened new offices, hosted our annual Matariki soirée, supported charities, hosted bake sales, and welcomed new staff members (of the human and fur kind!).

The weather turned cooler, and the seasons began to change, and the news hit in August of a COVID-19 case in the community. It was like déjà vu, and we couldn’t believe it had happened again. The days turned into weeks, and before we knew it, we were months into a lockdown with no certainty of an end in sight.

But despite the setback, our team rallied and continued to thrive. We may not have come together in person, but we hosted virtual drinks, escape rooms, magic shows, and even our own bake-off through teams and zoom! Life carried on, and we once again came to terms with the new normal. We adapted, we survived, and we made it out the other side. Awesome projects were still worked on, birthdays were still celebrated, babies were born, and new people still joined our team.

It was a year of extremes, but we want to say thank you to our team and our clients, who have been by our side this entire time. Thank you for your support and for believing in 4Sight. Thank you for your hard work, acting with integrity, and believing in better. It’s not been an easy year for many of us on a personal level too, but it’s you, our people, that have got us through. And as we finish up the year and wish we could gaze into a crystal ball to see what the next year holds, there is one thing we are sure of. Whatever happens in 2022, it’s the people that will, without fail, get us through, and although we are glad to be closing the book on 2021, looking back at these pictures and all the good times we have had makes us think, hey it wasn’t all bad!

Here’s to 2022, a new year and another fresh start. It will have its moments, good and bad, but we are strong, and with the help of our people, we will, as always, live, work, and thrive together.