4Sight provided outsourced compliance and risk management services to Auckland's largest infrastructure provider. 

The project

The Auckland Council Stormwater Unit delivers stormwater capital and operational improvement works across the region, and since integration has benefited from 4Sight's fully outsourced compliance management service. Our services include:

  • Onsite health, safety and environmental assessments;

  • Best practice environmental training and education;

  • Development of compliance management tools and training resources that assist council staff to meet best practice standards;

  • Technical peer reviews of compliance management documents;

  • Specialist environmental incident and regulatory risk management, reporting and facilitation;

  • Managing the council's compliance management database (CS-VUE);

  • Performance measurement and reporting.

The approach

‘Compliance as a minimum, best practice as the standard’ is the philosophy we use to model our approach. We implement this through:

  • Our Environmental Management “centre of excellence” which provides a specialist compliance management service and a dedicated staff resource;

  • Working as an integral part of the council's wider team;

  • Drawing on our unparalleled level of experience in compliance management for utility works;

  • Offering a unique one-stop health, safety and compliance shop;

  • Tailoring the level of expertise to the site/level of risk;

  • Drawing on the wider experience of the 4Sight team for specialist technical inputs;

  • Providing an end-to-end service model from on-site assessments to management of CS-VUE (the council's online compliance management database).


The fact that stormwater works are now largely “self-monitoring” speaks for itself. The client has seen a year-on-year improvement in environmental performance, as measured by audit compliance ratings, and there have been no serious incidents resulting in enforcement action. 

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