4Sight helped Automotive Holdings Group assess the resource consenting constraints for the redevelopment of their industrial site in late 2010, and in 2011 helped them gain consent for their Ford & Mazda showroom redevelopment. 

The project

Automotive Holdings Group engaged 4Sight in 2010 to assess the resource consenting constraints for their industrial site's redevelopment. Our involvement in the project saw us assessing potential contamination at the site and helping the client gain consent to redevelop the western section so that they could build a new Mazda showroom.

We were then subsequently engaged in 2011 to help the client gain consent for the redevelopment of their Ford showroom, situated in the eastern section of the site, and to carry out a contaminated site management plan and construction management plan.



The site redevelopments required a number of parking spaces, and the parking shortfall was a significant hurdle in the resource consent process. To overcome this challenge, we had to obtain input from traffic experts and also carefully manage the client’s expectations. In the end, an outcome was reached that alleviated the proposals' impact on parking in the area. 

Our ongoing relationship with the client, along with the successful outcomes we've achieved so far, demonstrate our ability to work with other consultants as “one whole team” and also to carefully balance client expectations, regulatory realities and environmental concerns. 



Both projects required input from a wide range of specialists. The scope of services to help the client gain consent included:

  • Carrying out initial site analysis and scope of required applications;

  • Organising and reviewing expert reports from architectural, acoustic, traffic, geotechnical and arboricultural professionals;

  • Providing site contamination advice, investigations and sampling;

  • Developing contaminated site management plans, construction management plans and health and safety plans;

  • Representing the client liaising with Auckland Council;

  • Preparing and lodging resource consents;

  • Managing the resource consenting process to ensure quick delivery of consent decisions.

We have recently completed a project with 4Sight for the redevelopment of a city fringe site. This involved a range of planning services including traffic planning and contamination reports together with arranging pre lodgement Resource Consent meeting and managing through the Consent and approvals process. The service was friendly, efficient, on time, and effective in achieving our Clients objectives.
— Roger Langley, vanVeenendaal Rosnell Langley, Architecture Ltd.

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