As a key service provider to Auckland Council's Waterways Planning team, 4Sight has surveyed over 130km of streams and has helped to develop Watercourse Assessment Reports for three separate catchments.

The approach

The reports wouldn't be used in isolation, so we focused on gaining a thorough understanding of the client's needs and the strategic context in which the report would be used. We did this by:

  • understanding the stream and stormwater management objectives the Stormwater Unit and wider council was looking to achieve;
  • working closely alongside the client to maintain an open line of communication and short feedback loops;
  • offering large-scale resource and talent availability, by offering a joint-delivery model with our engineering partner, AECOM;
  • understanding the purpose of the reports, what they needed to deliver and what internal processes they would inform.

The project  

4Sight surveyed the streams using cutting-edge field data collection and remote Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology, which allowed for:

  • real-time quality control and data management;
  • highly detailed assessments of stream ecological health;
  • stormwater and infrastructure and stormwater conveyance to be completed. 

We used our findings from the surveys to classify stream values, which we then assimilated into a Watercourse Management Plan aimed at enhancing degrading streams and remedying specific stormwater inputs. 

The plan takes into account the significant growth pressures facing the Auckland region and the important role played by urban streams in conveying stormwater within realistic environmental and economic constraints. 

The outcome

The client was provided with WAPs for the three different catchments 4Sight surveyed. Our main priority is always to achieve the best possible outcome for the client, so with that in mind we made sure to centre the reports around the real world context in which they would be used.

The reports balance the multiple, sometimes conflicting, pressures faced by waterways, and also prioritise works and community engagement on a regional basis.


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