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Te Auaunga Oakley Creek is a scenic watercourse that holds social, cultural and biological importance within Auckland as a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, both native and exotic.  But help is needed to restore and enhance the riparian ecology as it is under threat from the spread of invasive weeds, which suppress and prevent the regeneration of native flora. Our work has included:

  • Helping renew an archaeological authority permit to continue ecological restoration.

  • Identifying the need for resource consent because of a plethora of rule infringements under the operative district plan, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and National Environmental Standards.

  • Engaging with iwi, Friends of Oakley Creek and local council to devise a collaborative solution.


4Sight recommended a programme of consultation with iwi, which eventually developed into a partnership that allowed Mana Whenua to exercise kaitiakitanga over the awa.  

  • Working collaboratively with Ngāti Whātua o Ōrākei, Ngāi Tai Ki Tāmaki and Te Kawerau a Maki, 4Sight drafted a Cultural Monitoring Programme named Ngā Aratohu o Ngā Kaiaroturuki (Cultural Monitoring Guidelines) that facilitated the opportunity for those iwi groups to manage the environment and provide Mātauranga Māori (i.e. traditional knowledge, wisdom, understanding or skill).

Your cooperation and services have been excellent. You were always available and never let me or anyone else involved wait. I especially appreciated your ability to bring light into confusing matters, to simplify and clarify all that went my way.

Your help with engagement with iwi was of a great value to me. It played a major part in our successful negotiation with all three iwi during our last hui. Above that you sparked real interest in me in the engagement with iwi and I am now keen to apply the newly learned principles in other projects.

Thank you again Simon, you play vital role in the Ecological Restoration of Oakley Creek project and I am looking forward to our future cooperation
— David Stejskal, Auckland Council Project Manager

4Sight also: 

  • Developed GIS maps for the project team locating known archaeological and contaminated sites,

  • Developed a soil handling plan to mitigate the risk of exposure to contamination during works,

  • Designed guidance sheets to help contractors and volunteers identify archaeological remains, as well as protocols to follow, should further archaeological sites be encountered.


The application for resource consent was accepted and processed without any formal request for further information (i.e. Section 92 requests) and was granted in June 2016.  The Archaeological Authority to Modify was finalised a week earlier at the end of May 2016. 

Weed control and planting works are back underway, and we look forward to seeing the continued enhancements at Te Auaunga Oakley Creek over the next ten years.

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