2degrees officially launched its mobile service in 2009 but the team at 4Sight have been working with the company since 2005, successfully managing the programme delivery of the resource consent process for the company’s national network rollout.


Gaining resource consents for over 400 sites across New Zealand required 4Sight to work with 61 territorial local authorities and included:

  • Planning services for new site builds, site upgrades, site changes and moves;

  • Representation at pre-hearing meetings and public hearings

  • Local government liaison;

  • General policy and compliance advice;

  • Consultation support;

  • Training on the interpretation of the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NES);

  • Provision of general advice on the implementation of the NES at a specific site level;

  • Undertaking site-specific investigations to meet the requirements of the NES.


Our longstanding and ongoing relationship with 2degrees demonstrates 4Sight’s ability to successfully deliver large, complex telecommunications projects on time, within scope and budget. It also shows our commitment to achieving high quality outcomes for all stakeholders.


Managing the coordination and delivery of the necessary consents, often in short timeframes, required a collaborative and flexible approach. Our planners worked within the 2degrees project teams which were divided into areas of the country, each with their own 2degrees Project Manager. The scale of the network build demanded a  range of scalable planning skills, which 4Sight was able to deliver in an integrated manner to satisfy the client’s daily, monthly and annual milestones.

On a programme of this nature and scale, hurdles will inevitably arise. The planning team's extensive knowledge and experience dealing with contentious sites made them excellent ‘problem solvers’, enabling the team to overcome obstacles and devise solutions that meet the needs of the client, community and council.

4Sight has helped 2degrees with a huge cell site consenting programme since before 2degrees’ launch in 2009, delivering around 600 approvals for new sites and upgrades around the country. 4Sight’s staff integrate seamlessly into our project teams and provide robust advice and design input, and have a thorough but most importantly efficient approach to our applications and Council relationships, which ensures we can meet extremely tight consenting timeframes on key projects. 4Sight are also adaptable and always willing to accommodate the changing needs of our business without a fuss.
— Ben Blakemore, RAN Manager, 2degrees

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